National Pizza Party Day Release
Today is National Pizza Party Day, and we have a couple of improvements to release.
* Cloudflares
header is now getting passed through to backend services. Since we are using Cloudflare as well, some headers usually set by Cloudflare will get overwritten with GraphCDN-specific values. If you run Cloudflare in front of GraphCDN and need access to those headers, let us know and we'll take a look if/how we can pass through the original values.
* GraphCDN joined Stripes Climate program and donates 1% of our revenue to carbon removal. See for more information
* Weekly Digest emails sometimes got stuck/congested. We fixed that bug and those digests are now getting delivered reliably.
The release included further under-the-hood improvements and preparations for soon-to-be-launched features. Stay tuned for those, you are going to 😍 them.