Define headers to bypass the GraphCDN edge cache
You can now define a set of request headers that will cause GraphCDN to bypass the cache and pass the request on to your origin. Any request you send that includes one of those headers (e.g. a
header with any value) will not be cached.
You will see a new option called
Bypass Headers
in the cache configuration on your service dashboard.
Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 16
However, you can also specify those headers via the
in a new
name: my-app
schema: https://end.point
originUrl: https://end.point
- name: x-preview-token
- name: some-other-token
Common use cases for this feature are preview modes for e.g. a headless CMS or specific queries where you always want to get the latest data.
See for our documentation of this feature.